Learn a bit about EG and his work.

EG (Antony Linden) is a Melbourne-based graphics and web designer as well as animator. His media career started off with his studies at Melbourne High School. For 4 years, media was his favourite subject and he had dreams of becoming a film director and working in the film industry. Upon completing his high school education EG pursued higher education studies of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT University. Throughout his course he realized he had a passion for graphics design, both for print and web, as well as motion graphics and app development. Thus he changed his career focus to being a graphics and web designer, and motion graphics animator.

Along with focusing hard on his studies at university, EG has taken on a number of freelance projects and found himself working for quite a number of clients. Previously he had worked for a gaming website, “Zwooper”, and had created a series of animations for them promoting their games and other services. More recently he has worked at an investment finance company “Roz International” and has designed many print based works as well as having done screen based works such as their website and power point presentations.

Another passion of EG’s is sharing his knowledge with others, and he is always ready to give his colleagues a helping hand with any design work that they may need. He also tutors graphics/web design, film, and motion graphics to younger designers who are learning the ropes.

If you need a multi-skilled graphics and web designer or motion graphics animator, feel free to contact EG for a quote, he would love to turn your visions into a design work!


Email: Contact@EG-Graphics.com
Mobile: (+61) 466 259 877

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